Monday, January 17, 2011

Unblock Tubes - Self-Massage

Unblocking Your Fallopian Tubes With Self-Massage




Blocked fallopian tubes are a serious concern for most women because of their implications on fertility. More often than not, women only get to know their tubes are blocked when attempts at conceiving produce no positive outcome. By the time they get a proper diagnosis, the damage to the tubes may prove to be beyond repair, robbing them of any chance at naturally conceiving a child.
There are procedures that can go past the tubal problem when all other conventional options prove ineffective in restoring proper functioning of the tubes (e.g. in vitro fertilization). These methods are able to artificially induce the desired pregnancy but unfortunately, do not come cheap. Only those who can afford the high costs can avail of this option and those who cannot often lose their hopes at ever having a child.
Hope need not necessarily be lost though. There are alternative remedies that can bring about conception by naturally unblocking your tubes and enhancing overall health. These options are unconventional but have proven quite effective for many of the women who chose to try them out. They are also relatively inexpensive and hence, can be available to most of the women whose fertilities are affected by blocked or damaged fallopian tubes.
One alternative remedy that can readily be used by women with blocked tubes is the abdominal self-massage. An abdominal massage enhances blood circulation and hence promotes overall health. The abdomen houses organs that play a major role in eliminating toxins from the body (e.g. liver or kidneys). By providing continuous blood flow to the abdominal region these organs are invigorated with the increased nutrients and oxygen delivered through the blood. Also, the gentle kneading motion that accompanies a massage will help such organs in cleansing the body free of any accumulated wastes.
One directly relevant benefit of abdominal massage is its effects on blockages in the abdominal area. Fallopian blockages can be dislodged through continuous kneading and be flushed out of the body. This benefit can also be achieved even for scar adhesions because abdominal massages can also promote normalization of tissues and break up of any adhesions that may have formed within the reproductive system.
Abdominal massages can be performed by anyone. The abdomen however, is a very intimate part of the body and for some people, allowing another person to touch the area would be very uncomfortable indeed. For this reason, an abdominal self-massage may prove to be most appropriate for therapeutic purposes.
Massaging your own abdomen will not only provide more comfort but will also be less expensive and more attuned to your needs. A professional massage therapist can be quite costly especially when the case is on blocked fallopian tubes where continuous therapy is needed to achieve positive results. Asking a friend or your partner to do the massage on you would be cheaper but conflicts on schedule and the continuous therapy needed might prove this option impractical. Furthermore, since you would be the one who'll feel the pressure from the massage, only you could fully determine which areas of your abdomen are in most need of attention and what degree of pressure you can tolerate.
An abdominal self-massage can be easily inserted into your daily routine and would normally take up no more than 30 minutes of your time each day. It is also a relaxing procedure hence, you get to clear your mind of any worries causing you stress. Stress can also contribute to formation or aggravation of disease hence, you will feel the benefits not only in the flushing of toxins, wastes and blockages from your body but also in the overall well-being needed to make your body ready for the expected conception and pregnancy.


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